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About Our Company

About Us

Braun Research, Inc. is a privately held Marketing and Public Opinion Research firm whose goal is to uphold the highest standards of data collection. We value the relationships that we establish with our clients and are dedicated to providing quality interviewing and effort to every research project.

“Failure is not an option”

We dedicate ourselves to every data collection project.   No excuses, just data delivered.  

No data collection firm has the right to take on what they don’t understand, or cannot finish and finish well.   You have enough to worry about.  Your clients, your analysis, your presentations.  You don’t need to worry about your data collection deadlines.   If we take it on, we will finish it.  If we budget it, that is what the invoice will be.   If we design the sample, we design it correctly, proportionately and in a representative manner.

As a well-respected and internationally recognized firm we employ techniques and standards approved by the world's leading survey research academic organizations. Braun Research has been an active member of numerous research organizations respected throughout the industry, including AAPOR (The American Association for Public Opinion Research), AMEC (The International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication) and CASRO (Council on American Survey Research Organizations).

Since our establishment in 1995, Braun Research has completed more than 11,000 studies and we offer a wide range of services individually tailored to meet the needs of our clientele and yours.

We are equipped with state of the art equipment, including hundreds of stations in geographically dispersed CATI Telephone Centers. We have the capability to do live monitoring of your survey. Our internet fielding services are unrivaled in the industry. We do not use a rigid software system that does not understand the unique needs of Market Research or our clients. Instead our team of skilled programmers has developed a flexible/powerful surveying platform that can handle the most complex of data collection needs.  In addition, we can offer mixed telephone/internet fielding solutions to get your project in and out of the field quickly and precisely.

Data collection in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, Australia – Or in your town, you need it and we will get it done... and done well!

Our team at Braun Research looks forward to assisting you on your next Research project.

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