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Internet Research

"Precision is our Science"

Internet Research


Internet Research

Braun Research has developed techniques to ensure quality data collection via the web, smart-phone and tablet. 

Online data collection requires attention to detail down to each respondent.   Quality review includes reviewing patterns of answers, careful reading of open ended responses, IP address checking and digital fingerprinting.   Braun Research maintains relationships with many worldwide sample developers and vendors and will bring to you the best of panels from the most trusted sources.  

Braun Research uses social media sources too!   Anything can be accomplished to connect with the hardest to reach respondents including High Net Worth individuals, people with common and rare medical conditions and workers who are not near a phone such as laborers, contractors and others.

Our software is powerful, flexible and at your disposal.   Connect to the world and around the corner.


-Easily handles Complex Questionnaires
-Contains Complex Quota Management Systems
-Enacts Stringent Respondent Verification
-Integrates Time Stamps and Red Herrings
-Targeting on Multiple Levels 
-Displays Graphics and Audio
-Produces Extensive Reporting

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