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Front-line Strength.

At Braun Research we recognize the critical role the interviewer plays in the survey process. This is the underlying reason for the creation of our specialized Interviewer Training Department (ITD). This department focuses specifically on improving the skills of each of our interviewers. The existence of such a department is one of the substantial differences between us and our competition, standing as a testament to our dedication to quality. Under the supervision of our ITD, interviewers undergo a rigorous training regiment to hone their skills before they even get on the phones. From there, the ITD utilizes sophisticated reporting metrics, gleaned from our high-tech systems that enable them to pin-point and develop areas needing improvement. As a result, Braun Research boasts some of the most highly trained interviewers in the industry. 

The Braun Advantage:

-A specialized Interviewer Training Department
-Interviewer Curriculum 
-Sophisticated Reporting Metrics enabling specialized improvement training
-High Tech Quality Assurance


At Braun we're setting the standard for quality. Our research has been empowering companies for 25 years. Braun Research: Find success through our science. 

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