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  • Excellence in Research.

    In business for 25 years and having completed over eleven thousand research projects, Braun Research has become the Market Research Industry's Preferred Data Collection Agency. Companies choose us not only for our Leadership, Experience and Expertise, but because we get the job done right.

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  • Research you can Trust.

    At Braun Research: Our science is precision, and our quality is assured. We've earned the confidence of an industry... Let us earn yours.

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  • Superior Service.

    Your attention, will be personalized.
    Your inclusion will be maximized.
    Your satisfaction, will be actualized...
    Service is truly, what sets us apart.
    Don't be left in the dark.

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  • Sample Management:

    The Science and the Solution.

    Sampling is one the most critical parts of any data collection project. Our expertise in the science is second to none. Our team consists of Industry Veterans, Ph.D. Statisticians, and accomplished researchers. If we had just one word to describe your data, without a doubt it would be: Representative.

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  • Expert Interviewers.

    The Secret: Training

    At Braun Research we take our interviewer training seriously, and when you build with quality from the ground up, people notice. That’s why we’re regarded as, the best in class.

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  • Be in the Know.

    Some companies invest in gambles and chance.
    Others prefer... to know in advance.

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  • Reach the Masses.

    With over 240 highly trained domestic interviewers, International Reach and three National Call Centers, no job is too big.

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  • Access Granted.

    Braun Research has access to respondents from all walks of life, and with our Panels, Databases and Sample Expertise, if you have a target, you can consider them acquired.

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“You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data.” Daniel Keys Moran

 Data is only as good as the system (or process) that collects it.

Expert Management

A combined experience of over 100 years of Market Research and Data Collection...
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Qualified Interviewers

Our domestic interviewers are highly trained and experienced...

Accurate Data

Founded in Science. Gathered in Practice. Delivered in time.

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  1. International Reach
  2. Sample Management
  3. B2B
  4. Data Processing

The World Just got Smaller.


Expand your research Globally with our International Research Services.

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Precision is our Science.


Our Research Experts can help you ensure your data is accurate and representative of your target market by utilizing the latest sample management techniques and procedures.

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Make The Connection.


More and more firms are choosing us for their B2B interviewing.
Why is that? Because when it comes to Business Interviewing, Braun Research delivers on Quantity and Quality.

Bring it all together.


Braun Research has your company's Data Processing needs covered. Our skilled team can provide; coding, data entry, tabulation, charts and even graphics.

Braun Research - Data Collection Experts

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